8 step migration checklist for migrating to Australia


Migrate to Australia

If you are considering migrating to Australia, you would find the appended 10 step checklist to be useful in planning your decision.

  • Do your research: This is a good starting point have a think about where you want to live, what are the house prices, how easy is it to get a job in that area, what would be the average salaries.
  • Find the right visa category: There are a variety of visa options that can be used to live and work in Australia, find the right category of visa that is applicable to your case. You can look up options on Australia Government website or speak to a professional Immigration Advisory consultancy.
  • Documentation: Most of the applications are decided entirely on the basis of the documents that are submitted so ensure that all your paperwork like birth certificate, marriage registration, police clearance, education qualifications, work experiences etc. are up to date and meet the government requirements.
  • Get options for your shipping needs: Moving to Australia is a big decision and what to take with you can at times become a bigger decision – so shop around for quotes from shippers to get the best deal.
  • Sort your finances: It is often easier to move money if you already have a bank account in Australia, speak to any of the global banks to see if they can help with this.
  • Watch the news: It may seem like a really busy time but it is also useful to keep an eye on the news of the goings on in Australia and in your chosen city in case you need to make specific preparations.
  • Get that job: If possible speak to potential employers before you make the move apprising them of your visa status and if you can line up potential interviews.
  • Pick up at the airport: Landing in a new country with family and baggage can be a daunting task, make it easier by having someone pick you at the airport, you could be staying at a Hotel and have them arrange airport transfers or you could book a taxi to take you to your accommodation.

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Good news for chefs, bricklayers and tilers planning on heading to Australia

AUSTRALIA’S NEED FOR chefs, bricklayers and tilers will mean good news for skilled professionals from the construction industry wishing to emigrate.

The three trades have been added to the Skilled Occupation List in Australia.

This means that foreigners skilled in these professions will find it easier to get a permanent visa to live and work in Australia without a sponsor.

Australian Trade Minister Robb said the addition of chefs to the SOL reflects that the occupation is in short supply, coupled with strong growth projected in the café and restaurant sector.

“The inclusion of chefs, as well as the further inclusion of building and construction occupations will ensure Australia can fill the workforce needs of the next wave of tourism infrastructure,” he said.

Assistant Minister for Immigration is Australia Michaelia Cash said the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA) provide annual recommendations on the SOL to ensure it responds to Australia’s changing skill needs.

“The AWPA analyses evidence such as the labour market, education and training, migration and general economic and demographic data to make sure we get the balance right,” Minister Cash said.

In this case, bricklayers and tilers have been added to the list because of an increase in demand predicted for these occupations as well as a decrease in apprenticeship completions.”

The SOL is used for people applying for the independent or family sponsored points tested visa or temporary graduate (subclass 485) graduate work stream. Before prospective migrants can apply for independent skilled migration, they must submit an expression of interest via Skillselect.

No existing occupations are being removed from the SOL, which currently lists 188 occupations that Australia needs.

Source: theJournal.ie

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Australia wants more women in the mining and resource industries

Australia wants to encourage more women into the mining and resources industries and has set aside $440,000 to do so.

The money is to be used to extend an e-mentoring program, designed to partner up women working in the male-dominated resources industries, often on remote locations like oil rigs, with corporate mentors working in other states and on other projects.

The program, created by the Australian Women in Resources Alliance and the Australian Mines and Metal’s Association, seeks to encourage more women to pursue careers in mining, oil and gas.

Women make up just 15% of the mining industry workforce, which compares to 46% across other industries. The programme allows young female workers to have e-chats and web-based training with an individually appointed mentor for nine months.

A female engineer born in Chile has explained how working in the Australian mining industry was a dream come true. From the mining town of Calama, close to Chuquicamata, which is one of the largest open pit copper mines in the world, Gladys Rivera explained that her grandfather was a miner and most of family members work in mining as well.

‘I knew that Australia is one of the largest natural resources countries in the world, as well as Chile, and I dreamed about coming to a different sort of society where I could improve my lifestyle,’ she said.

After qualifying as an engineer, Australia loomed large on her list of destinations, so she used the SkillSelect website to get a visa and is now working on the Gorgon project, which is one of the largest natural resources projects in the world.

‘It is a very interesting and challenging experience. Every day we have to face different issues and you have to deal with different circumstances with different people to solve them,’ she said.

‘It’s easy to live here because Australians give you the opportunity to learn and to improve, regardless of whether or not you are Australian, so that’s a fantastic thing from a career point of view and from a personal point of view. You don’t feel like you don’t belong. You are part of the society and you have the same opportunities that everybody has,’ she explained.

She loves the variety her new home town offers; the tranquillity, the beaches, the café strips, all within easy reach after a day at the office. Her advice to others thinking about moving to Australia is to go for it.

‘You can do it if you want to, if you really want to. You won’t regret it, this is a great experience where you can learn, not only from a professional point of view but also as a personal experience, it’s a great life experience. And you will receive lots of things back that you never expected. If you can do it, go for it. Living in Australia is a really amazing experience,’ she said.

Source: Australia Forum

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South Australia has good prospects for international job seekers

Skilled trades such as cooks, hairdressers, librarians and pharmacy technicians are still in demand in South Australia with overseas candidates needed to fill places.

The latest new occupation list published by the South Australian Immigration Department reveals the jobs that are most in demand for a number of different occupations.

There are still a lot of job opportunities for overseas candidates according to the state’s immigration departments Occupations recently added to the list include hairdresser, cook, customer service manager, investment advisors, librarian, sheep shearer, first aid trainer, ICT trainer, medical administrator, equipment hire manager and pharmacy technician.

A spokesman pointed out that unemployment in the state is low compared with other parts of Australia. The official pointed out that those interested in applying need to check the latest rule changes. For example, recent changes mean that overseas hairdressers can now apply for permanent residency after just five years’ work experience in Australia.

However, recent changes also mean that chefs, cooks and plumbers now have to show evidence of completing a first aid course before they can apply for permanent residency.

An immigration official pointed out that state nominated applicants have a greater choice of occupations than
applicants pursuing a job independently but to be eligible for South Australian Government state nomination applicants must have been assessed by the relevant assessing authority, have met all the threshold requirements for nomination, including the minimum English Language requirements.

Provisional visa holders must live and work in a regional area as classified by the DIBP and the whole of South Australia is classed as regional, including Adelaide for the purposes of state nominated General Skilled Migration (GSM)

An application for state nominated GSM will receive priority processing through the DIBP. ‘State nomination means you immediately receive an invitation from DIBP to apply for a visa and without State nomination, you would either need to find an employer to nominate you or apply for the independent GSM stream and wait for DIBP to issue an invitation.

Australia’s most wanted jobs in 2014

In 2014 Australia braces for movement in the job market. A recent report from Department of Employment shows that by 2017 there are likely to be 45,500 new jobs for the position of Retail Assistants, particularly for clothing and household goods retailers. Retail provides plenty of opportunities for aspirants who want to plan a career in retail.

Vocational roles are going to be good supply too, so if you are a qualified plumber and have the ability to speak English then Australia in 2014 will be a place to be. Independent reports suggest that presently 1 in 10 people working in the role of plumbers are foreigners.

Bathroom renovations, new fit outs are all areas of work for plumbers.

The healthcare sector will continue to provide jobs for health professionals. The healthcare and social assistance industry is expected to contribute to 25% of all new jobs created in Australia.

Clinical care managers, registered nurses, aged care facility managers and physiotherapists are likely to be in the most demand.

The Information Technology industry is expected to contribute to new job opportunities too particularly in areas of digital marketing, providing jobs to IT Project Managers, ICT Business Analysts, Mobile App developers, JavaScript developers and individuals with specific IT degrees.

Another popular category in 2014 will be Accountants, the Department of employment shows that there will be almost 21,000 new jobs for Accountants.

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Thinking about moving to Australia in 2014

Australia has long been a nation of immigrants. The country has benefited from flow of migrants who have helped to continue economic prosperity. The amazing diversity of Australian culture has also been enriched by it. 

The benefits of immigration to Australia are evident: it has boosted economic growth, generated (much-needed) taxation revenue to pay for an ageing population and help to build national wealth. Local businesses have benefited from having a larger consumer base for their goods and services. While companies have been able to plug skills shortages that are plaguing economies in Europe. 

However with the global slowdown there are demands within section of Australian polity asking for restriction on the growing immigration to Australia. Political decision makers often talk about crackdown on temporary 457 visa holders and restricting the immigration numbers. 

In the New Year it would be interesting to see which occupations will continue to remain on the skilled occupation list 1 and skilled occupation list 2. The Australian Trucking Association has recently appealed to the federal government to allow foreign drivers to cover shortages, as the heavy vehicle industry is “under pressure from severe driver shortages and a negative image problem  

According to estimates the Australia immigration policy for 2013-14 will allow roughly 190,000 people into the country, two-thirds of them skilled workers. With quotas being introduced for occupations if you are thinking of moving to Australia then the best advice is to start early. 

For highly skilled workers particularly Indians, the first stage are getting their Skills assessed for equivalency to their nominated occupations. Once the application gets a successful outcome of the skills assessment then the next stage is to upload the details on the Skill Select and then be invited to apply. On an average the processing times vary from as little as 6months in some skilled occupations that are in severe shortage to 12 months for some other ones. 

If you are considering moving to Australia, speak to our experts at Smart Move 4 Global Visas. We have helped hundreds of applicant to successfully apply for working in Australia. You can book your appointment with our experts by mail or on phone +91 98191 27002

Insights In To Australian Computer Society Skills Assessment Updates

The Australian Computer Society has announced new changes as of 16th October, 2013 to its process of graduate skills assessment process. These changes are introduced to streamline the process as per the changes implemented by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

 Australian Computer Society has decided to make the changes effective from January 15, 2014 providing certainty to the students who will complete their study courses by the end of year 2013. The aim of these changes is to ensure that applicants are assessed according to the Migration Amendment Regulations 2013. The announced changes by the department of Immigration and Border protection will be enforced in October, 2013.

Details of New Changes Going To Be Enforced On 15 January, 2014:

 The Australian Computer Society Temporary Graduate485 skills assessments are particularly targeted to applicants who filed subclass 485 visa applications. Applicants who are having Australian study component and applying for the subclass 485 visa will be analyzed on the basis of Australian qualification only.

 Applicants who are interested to apply for permanent residency will be required to have one year experience or must have completed Professional year program to become eligible for skills assessment that be used for general migration reasons.

 Australian Computer Society Post Australian Study Skills assessment is projected to help graduates who want to apply for permanent residency that comes under the General Skilled Migration or under the Employer Nomination scheme after the completion of Australian study component.

 The Australian degree is given high priority because the studies and exposure a student gets in Australia is highly valuable. This puts applicants in a suitable position to get employment in the nominated occupation.

 The professional one year program or the work experience is analyzed for checking the suitability of the applicant for the full skills assessment. The applicant is deemed as skilled after completing the relevant Australian degree.

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